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16.01.2013- New Fashion Heroes: Haim

One of the things which is unlikely to have passed you by over the last few weeks in the hype surrounding Haim. California's coolest new musical export, Haim have recently been announced as the winner of the BBC's Sound of 2013 poll, and with past alumni of the list including Florence and the Machine, Ellie Goulding and Mumford & Sons, critics are rightly tipping the group to go stratospheric this year. As well as producing a series of ultra-catchy singles, Este, Alana and Danielle all have a killer sense of style which I'm predicting will become just as popular as their music over the next few months. Part androgynous rock and roll, part West coast bohemian cool, this is relaxed, easygoing dressing accessorised with an abundance of attitude: 

Replicating Haim's signature style is all about putting together an effortless, easygoing look. The girls always look nonchalantly comfortable, and their style has a distinctly relaxed feel- perfect West Coast cool in action. The key ingredient is undoubtedly the skinny jean- and this pair from Warehouse would inject a touch of rock and roll style into any outfit. The printed tunic top from Topshop lends a bohemian edge to the look, as does the bracelet from Accessorize- think pretty but without being too girly. Statement sunglasses are a must too, and this pair from ASOS capture a real vintage vibe which I think perfectly echoes Haim's approach to both their music and style. The Olivia Burton watch is another core accessory which I think works really well in tying the whole look together, and the statement butterfly design is just beautiful- again perfect for adding a bohemian touch. The jacket from Warehouse injects a tougher dimension to this look (and is definitely inspired by the styling of the Don't Save Me video!), and the lighter shade makes it an ideal spring essential. Finally, the bag from Oasis is a real favourite of mine, and a real understated classic which is also perfectly practical. 

Are you a fan of Haim? And what do you think of the look which I've put together?

(Image credit: Topshop, Warehouse, ASOS, Harvey Nichols, Oasis and Accessorize. Haim shots sourced via Google Images.)


  1. Love this outfit, the jacket and tunic are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  2. love the Topshop tunic.. want it to be Spring already!x

  3. I love them and I really want their hair, so jealous of their long locks :(

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