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29.01.2013- The Beta Generation

Over the last few years, various forms of online and social media have had a phenomenal impact on the lives of young people. Whether it's communicating with friends at the touch of a button, catching up on all the latest news as it happens, or using your favourite apps to make life easier, there's no doubting that consistently evolving forms of technology have served to open up a range of opportunities for young people. With this in mind, those savvy people over at vInspired have identified an emerging generation, dubbed 'The Beta Generation', who are using their entrepreneurial and motivational skills to make the most of their education and fulfil their long term career aspirations- and thanks to technology this is something which has never been easier. As part of their Beta Generation campaign, vInspired have asked me to share my experiences of my specialism (although it feels odd to call blogging a specialism!) to offer a little insight into how I've used my experiences to evolve this little online space. So, without further ado, here's a look into my blogging life:

I started blogging back in 2009, primarily as a way of practicing my writing and gathering all of my work together in an online portfolio of sorts. Back then, my posts were quite sporadic and generally consisted of film and theatre reviews (not surprising given that I was working my way through a drama degree back then), and it's safe to say that at the beginnings of My Sentimental Heart, I really didn't know my HTML from my CSS! Towards the end of that first year, things took on a more fashion focused feel, as I started sharing my favourite catwalk and red carpet looks, as well as some amazing fashion editorial work from some of my favourite magazines and photographers. In the midst of working on my final year university dissertation, blogging providing a welcome relief from being surrounded by a swarm of required reading, and it was really lovely to have an outlet for some more creative work, such as extended pieces of writing and styling projects

In 2011, I nervously put together my first outfit post, expecting to delete it soon after publishing, but I was really overwhelmed by the lovely response to it, so continued to document some of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe, and haven't really looked back since Through this, I've not only become a lot more adventurous in my fashion choices, but I've also grown in confidence too. After putting together over 500 posts since I started blogging in 2009 (a figure I still can't quite get my head around!), I've also developed a range of knowhow- from getting my head around a new camera, to blog design, to setting up Facebook and Twitter pages. Not only that, but I've also experienced some amazing opportunities, worked with some of my favourite brands, and been lucky enough to be invited to some really special events. Even more importantly though, I've made some fantastic friends through blogging, and with a lovely bunch of readers (hello and love to you all!), I've never enjoyed blogging more. I still find it overwhelming that people take the time to sit down and read my ramblings, and it's amazing that something which started out as a distraction from uni work has evolved into a platform which has equipped me with a variety of skills and knowledge which I know I'll be using for a long time to come. 

If you're inspired to become a part of The Beta Generation, then be sure to visit the vInspired website to find out more!

(Image credit: vInspired and Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I am definitely part of the Beta Generation, I never dreamy my blog would end up being such a HUGE part of my life!

    Maria xxx


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