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12.03.2013- What I Wore Today #105

I knew this would happen. The moment I start getting exciting about the prospect of seeing some sunshine and getting some wear out of some spring favourites, and we're back to sheltering from Arctic winds and shivering in the snow. Considering it's now the middle of March, it should be high time to pack away the winter woollies, but alas it seems we've got a few chilly weeks left to endure before we can start getting excited about embracing the sunshine. In between avoiding turning into a snowman, at the weekend I caught up with my lovely blogging buddies to celebrate Michelle's birthday. Catching up with my bff Sarah and having a stroll around Covent Garden beforehand, we made our way to the Chanel shop, where we found the perfect backdrop for some spur-of-the moment outfit snapping:

Coat- Lux by Sara and Aimee Berman at Urban Outfitters
Dress- ASOS
Tights- Marks and Spencer
Loafers- River Island
Bag- Zara

This outfit was very much all about keeping warm- so I reached for my new favourite coat in the shape of this military inspired beauty from Lux by Sara and Aimee Berman. It's something which has proved a real winter staple, especially during the snowy weather, and the oversized fit makes it perfect for layering over thick knits, as well as a lot of my favourite frocks. This dress is a recent ASOS purchase which I can't wait to share with you more as the weather gets warmer- I have a feeling it's going to become a real spring favourite. The loafers are a trusty old pair from River Island- purchased a good few winters back (when I still had staff discount at my disposal!), and the satchel from Zara which I picked up in the January sales is something which has become a real go-to piece, especially as it's the perfect size for accommodating all of my essentials!

The detour which we took around Covent Garden was well worth it as it meant we got to have a look at Chanel's special flower stall- popping up just in time for Mother's Day. Showcasing the variety of blooms and botanicals used to create Chanel's signature fragrances, the stand was offering beautiful hand tied posies and special cards with the purchase of a 100ml perfume. Alas, my bank balance wouldn't permit the extravagance, but it was lovely to pop along and have a look anyway! 

How are you dressing for the cold? And what did you do this weekend? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. lovely backdrop, I would love a bottle of Chanel perfume that size!

    I love that coat, I had to go up the attic to get my winter coats back down last night :(

  2. I still love this coat! I can hardly believe we still need thick winter coats in the middle of March! Love loved your dress too. (: thank youuu for a lovely birthday meal and presents! (Still explaining the egg to my Mum.) x

  3. I passed by that stall recently, so pretty! I love your new coat <3 xx

  4. Love this outfit and the Chanel backdrop, I need to visit Covent Garden methinks...

    Maria xxx


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