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25.03.2013- A Belated Mother's Day Treat

Although Mother's Day was a few weeks ago now, truth be told my mum and I didn't really have that much of a chance to celebrate. Of course I picked her up some lovely pressies and baked her favourite Chocolate Roulade for an after Sunday dinner treat, but with the weather proving so gloomy and both of us being plagued by the flu we decided to take a rain check on doing something special until we both felt a bit better. So when Westfield Stratford City got in touch at the start of the week and offered me the chance to treat my mum to a day out shopping as a belated Mother's Day treat, we both jumped at their offer! Armed with a very generous gift card, we wrapped up warm and headed off to Stratford for the day:

Our first port of call was one of our mutual favourites: John Lewis. After my mum trying to donate the voucher to me(!), we decided to have a browse of the homeware and pick up some bits and pieces for the kitchen. After spending a while admiring the beautiful displays, discovering an amazing array of sweets and me getting a little too excited over finding a selection of Peter Rabbit Easter products (childhood favourite, don't you know!), we decided to pick up some practical pieces- namely some Cath Kidston mugs for our early morning cuppas and some glasses to replace some of those which I've all too carelessly been responsible for breaking over the last twenty three years...

Heading to the amazing fashion section in John Lewis, we found some of our favourite brands, including Whistles, Ted Baker and Somerset by Alice Temperley- but decided against any extravagant purchases in case we found anything later on. Just as well we did, as we then popped in to one of my mum's favourites- Dorothy Perkins. She proceeded to have a very thorough look around, snapping up a beautiful blouse which will fit in perfectly with the rest of her wardrobe. After having a quick browse around Topshop and Zara, we decided to pop along to Pinkberry for a sit down and to share a frozen mum's first one! (She loved it- 'nicer than ice cream' apparently!)

After making our way around the rest of the centre (and probably spending far too much time admiring all of the lovely new season homeware in M&S!), we decided it was time for lunch. Heading up to the top floor, we caught a glimpse of the Olympic Park from the viewing platform before making a beeline for one of our favourite restaurants- Pizza Express. Using up the remainder of the gift card on lunch seemed like the perfect way to end such a lovely day, and gave us a chance to have a good old natter whilst watching all the Saturday afternoon shopping mania unfold around us. Without going in to too much detail, my mum and I have had a pretty pants start to the year what with one thing and another, so it was lovely to spend proper some time together and spoil her for the day. She's always been my biggest inspiration and has been supportive of everything I've ever put my mind to- whether it's been teaching me to read when I was little, taking me on as her apprentice in the kitchen, helping me through school/college/uni and now listening to my daily gripes and groans about everything from the weather to the craziness of London public transport during the rush hour. Seriously though, she's a total legend and I know I'd be lost without her- so it was amazing to have the opportunity to treat her for the day.

A big thank you to Westfield and to Isa for arranging such a lovely day out! (And special thanks to Mumma Faz for being such a treasure! x)

Have you visited Westfield Stratford City?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Awww Faz this is so lovely! Glad you had such a tip top time!

  2. Aw this looks like such a lovely day, girl! Hope you guys had loads of fun. Where was the piccy of that orangey/red dress over a white blouse taken? I feel I may need that dress in my life haha! xx

  3. That food looks amazing, I'm glad you were able to treat your mum!

    Maria xxx

  4. Aww this sounds like a lovely day! :)
    I love spending time with my mum, and everyone loves a Cath Kidston mug!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!


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