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02.04.2013- Wardrobe Wishing: Reiss 1971

Since I started my first proper post-university job towards the end of last year, I've noticed a distinct shift in my spending habits. Whereas before I used to think nothing of spending my Saturday girl wages on throwaway purchases (as well as the inevitable lunch break pick me up from Boots!), now that I'm earning a relatively tidy, regular sum of money each month, I'm increasingly reluctant to fritter it away on pieces which I know I'll get bored of and which won't hold up all that well over time. Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain as much as the next person, but now I'm definitely leaning towards picking up more investment pieces which I know will last and will prove versatile enough to be great value for money. Wardrobe, meet the latest Reiss 1971 collection:

The 1971 range from Reiss is something which has been on my radar for a little while, but it was only after paying a visit to their Westfield Stratford City store last weekend that I got a chance to see the SS13 offering for myself. Suffice it to say it was love at first sight and I've now got a wishlist as long as my arm of new favourite pieces. The Catalina top is my idea of a perfect summer staple- lightweight, easy to wear and a beautiful sorbet shade, with the laser cutout detailing adding a real premium edge. The Audrey shirt is a definitive basic, and is something which could be styled in so many different ways- whether for a relaxed spring look, a more formal context or layered under some knitwear (seeing as it's still bitterly cold outside!) One of my standout pieces from the range is without a doubt the Maya biker jacket- after seeing it firsthand last weekend it's definitely a piece which I'm resolved to save up for. Butter soft leather, the perfect shape and in a beautiful mint green, it's far and away one of my top picks for this season. Finally, you all know about my seemingly never ending quest for the perfect pair of jeans, and I think this pair may be just what I'm looking for. Super skinny and with a cropped fit, they're perfect for evoking a vintage inspired look for the summer- and I'm pretty sure I'll be snapping them up sooner rather than later!

Have you noticed a change in your spending habits recently? And what do you think of the latest 1971 collection from Reiss?

(Image credit: Reiss.)


  1. Oh my gosh, that laser cut top is so perfect and very 'you', Faz! I've seen my perfect~ dress in Reiss actually but haven't yet looked at the pricetag, I really need to curb my spending habit... apparently I haven't reached the same mindset as you just yet - whoops! xx

  2. I definitely need to invest in some nicer pieces, I am still guilty of the payday splurge!

    Maria xxx

  3. I've never even walked into a Reiss before! Love the colour palette though x

  4. That jacket is to die for! I need it in my life... NOW!

    -Elodie x


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