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03.04.2013- What I Wore Today #108

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, recently I've been tending to shop for a small selection of higher quality basic pieces rather than spending my pennies on clothes which I know I'll only get one or two wears out of. Having said that, I am guilty of forgetting about some of my older purchases, so over the long Bank Holiday I took the opportunity to have a bit of a sort out and get reacquainted with some hidden wardrobe gems. With this in mind, my back to work outfit from yesterday was very much created with some old favourites in mind: 

 Jacket- Topshop 
Blouse- French Connection 
Jeans- American Apparel 

This jacket is something which I've featured once or twice in previous posts, but it's generally neglected in favour of my much loved boyfriend blazer from ASOS day to day, especially if I'm in a rush to leave the house! Having said that, it's definitely something which I need to get more wear out of, especially as the burgundy shade is one of my favourites. Yesterday I teamed it with another oft neglected gem in the shape of my French Connection blouse, a piece which I can't wait to style differently as the warm weather approaches. 

Have you rediscovered any old wardrobe favourites recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Love the outfit! The color of that blazer is gorgeous!

    I'm constantly rediscovering old wardrobe favorites. I go between living in Europe and the US and I kind of have two separate wardrobes because of it, so whenever I change locations there's always old clothes to rediscover.


  2. Love your jacket- the colour is gorgeous! :) Xx

  3. The blazer is gorgeous and I love that top, I can't wait to see more of it!

    Maria xxx

  4. It's always fun rediscovering old clothes, love the blouse :) x

  5. Gorgeous outfit, love the colour of that blazer it looks fab with blue jeans. I discovered an old pair of jeans that I outgrew when I visited home...and with a couple of lunges managed to squeeze back into them woohoo haha!

  6. I love this jacket. The never-ending winter has definitely encouraged me to delve deeper into my wardrobe for some forgotten favourites! x

  7. oh, i love this top you are wearing! newest follower here, i adore your style!

    lindsey louise


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