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08.04.2013- My Month in Pictures: March

Well, March certainly came and went rather quickly didn't it?! I can't quite believe that Easter has already been and gone, and am also struggling with the fact that we're now a quarter of the way through the year! Whilst I'm keeping my fingers crossed that April will bring some warmer weather, let's take a look back at how I spent last month:

Baby Shower cupcakes/Getting plenty of use out of my new Nars purchase!/Popping along to the Chanel flower stall in Covent Garden/Pinkberry time with the Dream Team!/Mother's Day flowers/Mother's Day Chocolate Roulade!/Splurging on Celia Birtwell for Uniqlo/Homemade Hot Cross Buns!/Becoming addicted to Game of Thrones/Easter pavlovas/Easter cupcakes, with a Beatrix Potter theme!/Finally getting back into running after the winter!
What did you get up to in March?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. all the food looks amazing, I think that's the best stuff to remember from any month :) xx

  2. Once again - i'm a broken record - please be my personal baker!

  3. Lovely photos! Looks like a good month!

    Emma x


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