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17.04.2013- Written in the stars...

As I mentioned in a post which I put together last year, Charlotte Olympia's accessories are amongst some of the most coveted around. Whether it's her literary inspired clutch bags or cult kitty flats, her unique approach to accent pieces is something which is distinctive, creative and unique. It's perhaps no surprise then that her newest range of footwear looks set to prove just as iconic as her previous collections, taking inspiration from the constellations and all things celestial:

With twelve pairs of star-sign themed styled to choose from, collecting the complete set could prove an expensive hobby! Having said that, if you're feeling flush, I can't think of a lovelier (or more appropriate!) birthday present, whether for yourself of someone else. (Why does December have to be so far away?!!)

What do you think of Charlotte Olympia's celestial inspired shoes? 

(Image credit: Net-a-Porter.)


  1. wow her shoes are always gorgeous, wish I could afford them!x

  2. I love the kitty flats like pretty much everyone else, haha. Not sure about these though, they're really pretty and it's a nice idea behind them but I don't know if I'd ever wear them.

  3. Oh how lovely, I think they look cute, especially the heart detail. I would not mind owning each pair, and the colors are perfect. :)


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