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24.04.2013- What I Wore Today #115

As I mentioned in my last outfit post, when the warmer weather arrives, I tend to go a bit bananas with snapping up new season pieces. However, erring on the side of restraint, I've also been searching out some old favourites, pairing wardrobe staples with new pieces (as I did last weekend) and rediscovering some hidden treasures. I've already mentioned how the arrival of spring is a definite spur to start wearing brighter colours, and my outfit from the end of last week featured a piece which is hands down the most eye-popping in my wardrobe:

 Cardigan- Zara
Blouse- Vintage (via Rokit)
Jeans- c/o Laura Ashley
Shoes- Topshop

I've had this blouse from Rokit for three or four years now, and although it's one of my favourites, it definitely packs a punch. The bold colours and contrasting pattern might be a bit too Pablo Picasso for everyday, but when the sun is shining it's perfect. It's definitely one of my favourite vintage finds to date, and the loose fit means it's also a really practical option for the warmer weather. Here I teamed it with some black staples in the shape of my Laura Ashley jeans and Zara cardigan- ideal for welcoming in the warmer weather with a pop of colour, don't you think?!

Have you got any bold wardrobe favourites? How do you style them?
(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)  


  1. That is such a cool blouse. It's always exciting discovering something in your wardrobe that you haven't worn for ages. There's always a new way to wear it if it's been that long. I don't have many bold items other than all the red pieces I'm obsessed with but I definitely need to make an effort to make my wardrobe a little brighter.

  2. I love this outfit, you look so summery! I am in serious hair envy...

    Lovely to see you the other night.

    Sarah Betty xx

  3. This blouse is amazing, I love the colour!

    Maria xxx


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