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03.04.2013- What I Wore Today #117

Now that we're well in the swing of spring, one of the things I'm enjoying the most about the dramatically improved weather is being able to leave the house without a coat. Don't get me wrong, I'm something of a coat collector (after all they are pretty essential when our winters go on for as long as they do!), but being able to pack them away/send them for a much needed dry clean (!) is something which I always look forward to. Having said that, after living in knitwear and multiple layers since last October, adjusting to leaving the house without the security blanket of a coat is something which takes a little bit of adjusting to, and if you're anything like me, you won't be able to shake that nagging feeling that you've forgotten something until at least the middle of May. Anyway, I digress- the biggest bonus of being able to ditch your coat at this time of year is that it presents the perfect opportunity to invest in some new season pieces, as I did at the start of last month:

Blouse- ASOS 
Jeans- c/o Laura Ashley 
Shoes- Topshop 
Watch- Olivia Burton 

You might remember that way back in January I posted about a perfect paisley purchase which I'd made from ASOS, and now that spring is here I'm really keen to introduce more of the print into my wardrobe. Not only is it a lovely antidote to a lot of the ditsy florals which constitute the majority of my summer staples, but it's also a real classic and something which is really easy to style with a lot of my favourite basics. I spied this blouse in the ASOS sale a little while ago, and as it was reduced to just £10 it was very speedily deposited into my basket! For such a bargain price, it's the perfect addition to my new season wardrobe and is something which I'm really looking forward to wearing more as the summer progresses. 

Have you snapped up any sale bargains recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I'm lovin' how that top looks! Very Spring!


  2. My coats have all gone for a dry clean, hurrah! I'm actually just wearing a light cardi today which feels so bizarre. I start work super early and it's always freezing cold so I have to wear a coat anyway but today, I didn't have to. Progress! Anyway love your outfit, the top is so cute, what a good bargain. Love your shoes too, I have those in so many different colours.

  3. I love this blouse! I was so excited to put my coat away although it does feel weird wearing summery clothes again after the longest winter ever. x


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