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12.05.2013- On The Menu: Patty & Bun, London

Over the last few weeks, I've had the pleasure of discovering some new foodie haunts, so thought that that I'd share some of my favourites in a new (and hopefully) semi-regular feature! Food (and eating in general) is one of my favourite pastimes, but despite having a GCSE in Food Technology I wasn't really all that keen on 'proper' cooking until quite recently. Having been switched on to the joys of cake, patisserie and even the odd rum baba by the broadcasting wonder that is The Great British Bake Off, I'm now spending a lot more time in the kitchen, sharing my Adventures in Baking as I go and getting to grips with some new recipes (whilst at the same time struggling to find space to accommodate my ever expanding collection of cookery books!) However, I'm determined to expand my repertoire to encompass more than just cakes (if anyone has the recipe for the perfect curry, then please send it my way!), so in the name of research have been seeking out some new food destinations to share and some equally exciting menus to sample. In celebration of the lovely Aisling's birthday, last week a gaggle of us descended upon Patty & Bun, a burger mecca which has become something of a cult favourite in London since opening last November. Just a stone's throw away from Bond Street Station, Patty & Bun is small but perfectly formed- with space for only 30 covers at a time it's a niche eating experience with mass appeal, and their no reservations policy just adds to the excitement. If you have to queue for a table (which you almost inevitably will), have patience- it's well worth the wait. 

The menu itself is small but perfectly formed- with six core burgers as well as a selection of specials and sides it's more than enough to satisfy even the hungriest of visitors. Our table of eight ordered a pretty diverse mix of food with the Hot Chic,  Smokey Robinson and Ari Gold proving the most popular, complemented with sharing portions of fries and BBQ chicken wings. My Ari Gold was perfection wrapped in paper- filled with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup, mayo and a beef patty on brioche it was definitely the perfect introduction to the Patty & Bun experience. Once I'd resigned myself to the fact that there was no way I was going to be able to eat it and not make a mess, I enjoyed it even more- demolishing the whole thing in what felt like five minutes flat. The sides too, were just heavenly, particularly the chicken wings- definitely order them if you're planning a trip soon. At just over £13 each including drinks, we all found Patty & Bun amazing value for money, and serenading Aisling with a Happy Birthday anthem at the end of the meal was the perfect way to finish off the evening.

Patty & Bun,
54 James Street, London, W1U 1HE

Have you been to Patty & Bun? If so, what did you think?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I've been there and thought it was pretty good, definitely better than Meat Liquor which is gross and greasy! x

  2. I'm still gutted I missed out on this!

  3. Jealous! I had my first Byron and Meat Liquor burger with Aisling at Bestival last year :) Sounds like my ideal place to eat xx

  4. I am still dreaming about my P&B burger - so good! x

  5. Patty & Bun is awesome, there's so many amazing foodie places in London- I miss living there so much sometimes!xo

  6. Patty & Bun is awesome, there's SO many good places to eat in London ( & so varied!) it upsets me being so far away now :'( xo


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