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23.05.2013- What I Wore Today #122

As far as wardrobe basics go, you really can't go far wrong with the humble t-shirt. My selection of tees is quite varied (ranging from the comic book nerdy to the slogan-tastic), but after sorting through a lot of my clothes a little while back, I was surprised to find my wardrobe severely lacking in the block colour basics department. I've got a couple of much loved tees from American Apparel, but have been looking out for some more to add to my collection for a little while now. When & Other Stories launched here in the UK a few months ago, I have to confess that the hype passed me by a little bit- and I still haven't found a spare moment to pop along to their Regent Street flagship! Having said that, a couple of weekends ago I found myself browsing their website and was really impressed by all of the pieces on display- created with a simple, fuss free approach, yet still really stylish and easy to wear. Feeling a little bit flush after payday, I added some bits to my basket and am now a fully fledged 'Stories' convert:

 T-shirt- & Other Stories
Jeans- American Apparel
Shoes- Topshop

This outfit is probably about as back to basics as you can get, and yet it's something which I'm finding perfect for this horrible in-between seasons weather we seem to be having at the moment. The first thing which drew me to this t-shirt was the colour, as the bold cobalt blue shade is something which I just love. It's also a perfect slouchy fit, so fantastically comfortable for day-to-day wear but also simple enough to be styled in a lot of different ways. As is the default for me, here I teamed it with my favourite jeans from American Apparel and some simple flats.

Have you bought anything from & Other Stories?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I ADORE you in this colour, it looks great on you :)

    Maria xxx


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