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31.05.2013- First Look: M&S AW13

Although it seems completely incongruous to be posting about autumn and winter collections when the weather has finally taken a more summery turn, I couldn't resist sharing this look at M&S's new season pieces with you. I was a massive fan of their SS13 designs, and after seeing the lovely Michelle's post on their AW13 press day, I fell head over heels in love with what they have on offer for the season to come:

Left to right, from top: Autograph Coat £139, Autograph Leather Trouser £349, Shoe £25/M&S Collection Coat £79, M&S Collection Jacket £55, M&S Collection Jumper £15, M&S Collection Skirt £39.50, Bag £35, Sunglasses £9.50, Boot £69/M&S Collection Coat £95, M&S Collection Dress £39.50, Bag £39.50, Shoe £19.50/per una Speziale Coat £229, Earring £17.50, Shoe £129/Limited Edition Coat £79, Limited Edition Dress £45, Bag £35, Boot £69/M&S Collection Coat £85, M&S Collection Skirt £35, M&S Collection Top £29.50, Bag £59.

Pretty amazing, right?! Not only does the collection feature some beautiful standalone pieces, but I adore how each of the outfits have been styled for these lookbook shots- directional yet classic, and with a palpable sense of heritage. Of course, it goes without saying that I adore the coats- and if next winter stretches out as long as the one we've just had, then I'll definitely be investing in a fair few (well, it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?!)

Marks and Spencer's AW13 collection is available in stores from July. 

(Image credit: M&S.) 


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