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25.07.2013- Summertime Style

If this recent burst of heat has proved one thing, it's that the majority of the British population really seem to struggle knowing what to wear when it gets warm. On holiday, it's not really a problem- generally you're never going to bump into people from your office on the beach so really needn't feel guilty about soaking up the sun in your oldest pair of shorts. However, summer in the city is a different matter entirely, and over the last few weeks I've lost count of the number of people I've seen wrangling with the dilemma of wanting to keep cool but still needing to look (moderately!) presentable for work. On a practical level, it's quite tricky to know where you stand with 'hot weather at home' dressing- maxi skirts are fab but can also present a rush-hour trip hazard, flip flops might be comfy but again aren't at all practical for battling your way through hoards of people on the Tube. With that in mind, look no further than this little selection of summer staples- ideal if you're jetting off on a last minute holiday or are determined to keep cool as the summer holidays kick in at home:

Palm Tree Trousers- Boutique by Jaeger, A Line Top with Collar- COS, Premium Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses- ASOS, Pink Laser Cut Longline Bikini- Topshop, Leather Messenger Bag- Zara, Chain Detail Shoes- Oasis, Triangle Stone Ring- Whistles (via ASOS)

My selection of printed trousers have proved real lifesavers for me over the last few weeks, with my Warehouse pair having already become firm favourites. This palm tree print pair from Boutique by Jaeger have been on my wishlist for such a long time, and now that they've been reduced in the sale I'm more than tempted to snap them up. Not only is the print perfect for evoking a holiday feel, but they're a dream for styling up in lots of different ways- both for daytime and evening. This gorgeous pale blue top from COS is made from lightweight cotton, so really practical for keeping cool, and the collar detail adds the perfect edge to a such a simple piece. We all know that I'm a massive fan of a good pair of cat eye sunglasses, and I've been meaning to pick up these ASOS ones for ages now- given that they're in the sale it would be rude not to, no? 

You might remember that when I was getting ready to go away on holiday last year, I really struggled to find suitable swimwear. Typically, with no holiday plans on the horizon (...yet, fingers crossed, eh?!), the high street has been inundated with exactly the styles I struggled to find last year. This bold pink two piece from Topshop is a really vibrant addition to any holiday wardrobe- I'm hoping and praying that it's back in stock online soon. This messenger bag from Zara is ideal for incorporating into a capsule summer wardrobe, and the neutral tone adds a real lightness. I've also found that sturdy shoes have been pretty essential in this hot weather- crushes on public transport + sandals definitely don't make for happy toes! This pair from Oasis are ideal for protecting your feet and staying chic, with the buckle detailing offering the subtlest of nods to AW13's hardwear trend. Finally, no outfit would be complete without a little bit of jewellery as a finishing touch, and this ring from Whistles is just lovely. 

Have you put together any favourite summer outfits?

(Image credit: Jaegar, COS, ASOS, Topshop, Zara & Oasis.)


  1. I love those palm tree trousers! You're always rather good at spotting Jaegar sale stuff!xx

  2. Wish I had read this before I got dressed as I am now a very sweaty elodie!

    -Elodie x

  3. Ooh that top is so light and cool and pretty- really good summer workwear!

  4. the collared shirt is cute! x

  5. I love those trousers. The heatwave definitely brings out a lot of poor style choices... x

  6. Those trousers are amazing!

    Maria xxx


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