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20.08.2013- What I Wore Today #142

I don't know about you, but I find that having a ruthless sort out of my wardrobe is a real calm-inducing miracle. For a little while I'd been struggling to find enough space so had resorted to using my bedroom door as a secondary hanging space for a lot of my clothes- all very well you might think, until you find yourself sitting wide awake in the middle of the night, convinced that that dress on the back of the door is actually an axe-wielding intruder intent of bumping you off (suffice it to say that my poor eyesight is more than to blame for this state of affairs!) Anyway, last weekend, I made a point of having a good old fashioned clear out, making space for some new season favourites and waving goodbye to a lot of the pieces which I haven't worn for a while. I'm already making the most of rediscovering some old staples-remixing with them some newer additions to my wardrobe- as I did at the start of last week:

 Top- Zara
Trousers- Monki
Shoes- c/o Marks & Spencer

This little  monochrome look was a simple way to start the week, combining a favourite pair of trousers from Monki with a recent sale purchase from Zara. At only £12, this top is probably one of my most savvy summer buys, and I think it's going to prove a real transitional essential as we head towards autumn too. I also really love how it can be styled in so many different ways- whether for a smart, tailored look or paired with some jeans for a more casual nod to the trend for all things black and white which looks set to stay with us into next season. Last weekend also saw me have a long awaited reunion with my hairdresser for a much needed (and long overdue!) trim, although I already feel like my barnet's growing back at a rate of knots and am more than tempted to get some more of it chopped off!

Have you rediscovered any old wardrobe favourites recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. you look amazing, just love the trousers!

  2. love the wide trousers, tres chic. I've only just had my hair cut and feel like I need it trimmed again but my hair grows outwards instead of down :(

  3. I love the outfit the trousers are amazing,


  4. This top is amazing! I need to get my hands on it!

    -Elodie x

  5. Gorgeous look, i love the monochrome top! xo

  6. Love the trousers. Having a good sort out is so satisfying. x

  7. Sarah you always look so elegant in whatever you wear!


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