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22.08.2013- Britain's Leading Ladies

You might remember that a little while ago, I put together a post showcasing the best of M&S for AW13. There's no doubt that the new season collection is one of their strongest in a long while, featuring a really directional feel whilst retaining the core values of enduring style and quality which the Marks and Spencer name is so renowned for. The return of M&S to the fashion fore was cemented earlier in the week, as they unveiled their new season ad campaign- Meet Britain's Leading Ladies. Shot by the visionary Annie Leibovitz, the campaign is a celebration of twelve iconic British women, all of whom are insipirational, determined and dedicated. Excelling in their chosen fields and across a variety of professions, these are women who really embody modern Britain, and who reflect the bold, confident direction which M&S is taking with the new season fashion collection:

The campaign features Nicola Adams, Monica Ali, Helen Allen, Darcey Bussell, Grace Coddington, Karen Elson, Tracey Emin, Ellie Goulding, Helen Mirren, Laura Mvula, Katie Piper and Jasmin Whitbread. Shot on location in London and in the heart of the beautiful British countryside, these images capture the spirit of M&S as a really enduring British brand, whilst pointing to an exciting new phase in the evolution of their fashion output. I can't wait to snap up some of my favourite pieces when they appear at the start of next month!

What do you think of this campaign?

(Image credit: Annie Leibovitz/Marks & Spencer.)


  1. OOOH I love these ad's! Such a good selection of people too! xo

  2. Really love some of the people they have selected for the campaign like Nicola Adams and Tracey Emin but Ellie's face being anywhere annoys me...
    Lots of the new ranges use British materials so the campaign is a good fit. Nice mix of ages here.


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