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06.09.2013- Hair Today: Kérastase Cristalliste Shampoo & Conditioner

I don't know about you, but every so often my hair starts to look (and feel) rather sorry for itself and before I know it I'm spending a small fortune in Boots on every product under the sun which promises miracle results for split ends, wayward flyaways, fear-inducing frizz- or  indeed all of the above. A couple of weekends ago I found myself in a similarly hairy predicament, with the products I'd been using building up in my roots and leaving me looking like the long lost twin sister of a certain Severus Snape (other greasy haired icons are available..!) In short, enough was enough- with a couple of spare pennies at my disposal I took the plunge and treated myself (and my mane!) to a couple of premium products which I'd been admiring from afar for ages- step forward, Kérastase's Cristalliste Shampoo & Conditioner:

Kérastase is a brand which my beauty guru bestie (aka Sarah!) has been singing the praises of for ages, and I have to confess, until I started using these products from their Cristalliste range, I wasn't all that convinced. With an RRP of over £15 per bottle, I was pretty skeptical about how magical something which is essentially going to end up down the plughole could really be- but after trying a succession of shampoos (including the cult favourite Mane 'n Tail) I was at something of a loose (or should that be split?!) end as to how to give my barnet a much needed boost. As you might have noticed from good many outfit post, my hair is quite unmanageable- which is nine times out of ten down to the fact that I'm rather hopeless at styling it properly. I've been steadily growing it out since about 2009 after going through a late teenage phase of being a bit rebellious and chopping it all off into a pixie crop, so am terribly guilty of not getting it cut as often as I should. Lifestyle wise, my locks also tend to take something of a battering, with probably all too regular washes and plenty of good old fashioned London pollution all contributing to a pretty lank appearance of late. In short, we were screaming out for something special.

The best thing about the Cristalliste Shampoo & Conditioner is that it's specifically formulated for thick hair. My barnet's dense enough to make even Chewbacca feel envious, and in the past I've really struggled to find products which lather up enough to give all of my hair a good, deep wash- instead I've discovered that most of them just sit on the hair fibre and don't actually clean it at all. The proper balance and formulation of Cristalliste means that I need only use the tiniest squirt of both shampoo and conditioner- so is something which will probably prove more cost effective in the long run. With no silicone or parabens either, it's also lovely to know that my hair is being as nourished as possible, and post-washing it not only smells amazing but also feels really light- not at all weighed down by any residue. I'm officially a convert!

Have you tried any Kérastase products before? If so, what did you think?

I purchased my products from Feel Unique- and can't recommend them highly enough- especially as they have some amazing special offers!

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Nice, I'd love to give it a try !!

  2. These sound great, my hair goes through phases of being a bit "blah" but I never really know how to solve it! x


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