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08.09.2013- Style Me If You Can

You might remember that about a month or so ago, I was invited to take part in a very special Postcards from Shoreditch shoot with Warehouse. The whole experience was so much fun, from styling the outfit, to exploring a corner of London which I don't get to visit all that often, and it was also really lovely to have a proper look at some of Warehouse's key pieces for the new season. With autumn now well on the way, Warehouse have launched their super innovative Style Me If You Can campaign, featuring a series of looks put together by the nine winners of the Facebook competition which they held back in June:

Focusing on a day in the life of a girl who changes outfits every 90 minutes, the Style Me If You Can campaign not only showcases the cream of Warehouse's new season crop, but also celebrates their 90 minute delivery service- perfect if you're in the midst of a last minute outfit meltdown. I adore the outfit put together by Laura Mynett for The Dog Walk- the check coat is now firmly at the top of my wishlist!

What do you think of the Style Me If You Can campaign? And which look is your favourite?

* This post has been sponsored by Warehouse.

(Video credit: Warehouse.)


  1. Oh how exciting Saz Faz! Loved watching that video, I think the cafe or bus stop looks are my favourites. (:

  2. Love the blog!

    the rag & bone intern


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