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21.09.2013- Fyodor Golan SS14

Last Friday morning I hot-footed it along to my first ever London Fashion Week show- Fyodor Golan. Held on the sixth floor of the ultra-slick 280 High Holborn, this was a show which fused character with practicality, offering a ultra-wearable, seamlessly modern take on dressing for SS14. Incorporating sheer, flyaway fabrics and juxtaposing a spectrum of colours across a bold, almost acidic palette, the collection stands with arms wide open to welcome spring:

The overarching aesthetic of Fyodor Golan's SS14 collection speaks of sports inspiration, peppered with silhouettes referencing the 1970s and statement touches which mirror a 90s sensibility. Semi sheer fabrics used across the construction of trousers and jackets point towards balmy summer evenings, and charming details including feathered accents and monogrammed motifs all evoke a sense of youth, vibrance and fun. Daywear seamlessly segues into eveningwear across co-ordinated two pieces and beautifully constructed concertina pleat dresses, as well as floor sweeping jumpsuits in flashes of nearly neon colour. Extremely fashion forward, this is also a collection which struck me as being enormously wearable and which found the perfect balance between modernity and statement.

What do you think of this collection?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission. Additional images via


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