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22.10.2013- What I Wore Today #156

Gloomy mornings, shorter days and evenings which are so chilly that they don't really inspire any activity. Winter is well and truly on the way, and with the clocks going back at the weekend that all too familiar urge to hibernate will become increasingly acute. Over the winter I'm quite guilty of regressing into sloth mode and trying to do as little as possible- something which also lends the process of getting dressed in the morning a distinctly lazy feel. Generally my winter wardrobe doesn't stretch much beyond a pair of jeans and a jumper, but as autumn segues into winter I'm determined to shake off my lethargic approach and have been putting together some new favourites in an attempt to shake up my usual routine: 

Tunic- ASOS 
Jeans- American Apparel 
Shoes-c/o Duo 
Watch- Olivia Burton 

This tunic dress was a complete and utter steal from the ASOS sale, and is something which I know will become a real go-to when I'm looking for a mood boosting burst of colour over the next few months. The deco inspired print is a little bit bolder than the majority of pieces which are in my wardrobe, but it's already a firm favourite and something which I can't wait to style with thick tights and boots. To complete this outfit, I reached for my American Apparel jeans and my new favourite pair of shoes from Duo- the tan loafer is a real autumn favourite and this pair are so so comfortable- another new season staple which I can't wait to style with my existing wardrobe.

Have you picked up any sale bargains? And are you as much of a sloth as I am when it comes to winter dressing?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I loveeeeee everything about this look, the accessories with the pumps is amazing. please checkout this link you would find a similar outfit:

  2. If it was acceptable to go to work in a tracksuit I would. Alas it is not. So skinny jeans and a chunky scarf are my staples!

  3. Such a hawt babe Sazfaz! I love the print on your tunic and your shoes are cute too! I always tend to ruin tan shoes but of course now I want another pair for the season ;) x

  4. love those shoes, very classic look x


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