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23.10.2013- Holly Fulton SS14

Holly Fulton's London Fashion Week presentation simultaneously captured a real sense of design heritage and an extremely relevant, current aesthetic. Fusing Fulton's signature prints with a Studio 54 inspired glamour, the SS14 collection referenced 1970s style pyjama suits, bohemian silhouettes and incorporated a variety of textures- only at a Holly Fulton show would cork and tinsel sit so happily side by side. Accessible daywear came in the shape of chambray separates and feminine blouses, with evening pieces shimmering down the runway festooned with sparkling touches:

Loose, longer lines were perfectly contrasted with tapered waists, and relaxed proportions evoked an easygoing effect and effortless chic. Amongst my favourite pieces were the printed blouses, flyway skirts and vibrant orange accents, and I also adored the styling of the collection as a whole- I'm determined to perfect the side swept curls seen on each of the models here! Colourful, creative and covetable- a definite LFW highlight.

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(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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