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04.12.2013- What I Wore Today #163

For me, one of the only good things about the arrival of winter is the opportunity which it presents for investing in a new coat. I've already shared my recent pink purchase with you, but as temperatures took a tumble a few weeks ago I found myself seeking out something even cosier. Since I've been commuting, I've really realised the value in being weather ready- whether taking an ice cold drink with me on the tube when it's warmer or wrapping up well during the winter (complete with flask stashed in my handbag!) With snow predicted for the coming weeks (and after one particularly chilly day waiting on the platform for a train which seemed to take forever to appear!), I took the plunge and treated myself to some shearling to keep the cold at bay:

Coat- Harper Lewis Vintage (via ASOS Marketplace) 
Jumper- Zara 
Jeans- American Apparel 
Bag- Zara 
Shoes- c/o JD Sports 

After searching high and low for the perfect shearling staple (productive use of the weekend right there!), I came across this gorgeous number at ASOS Marketplace. It's definitely a fair bit bulkier (and heavier!) than the majority of coats which reside in my wardrobe, but in the cosy stakes it really is streaks ahead. The fact that it's a little bit oversized means it's ideal for layering over chunkier knits, and here I paired it with my simple monochrome jumper from Zara, which has more or less been on a constant rotation since I bought it. With comfort in mind, this also seems like the ideal opportunity for me to introduce you to a lovely new pair of trainers from JD Sports- this Adidas Honey Lo Leather pair have scarcely left my feet since they arrived and are a really great way to inject a touch of sports luxe into my everyday (non workout!) wardrobe. On Monday (my birthday!), I put them well and truly to the test- spending the day walking around London Zoo before hot footing it home for plenty of cake- mercifully without a blister in sight!

What are your comfortable winter staples?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Ooft I adore that coat Sarah! Looks so cosy and warm. I hear ya on the flask stashed away situ - been indulging in that recently! Hope you had a splendiferous birthday my lovely one <3

  2. That coat looks amazing and so snug! :)

  3. God Sarah I need that coat!

  4. Your coat looks so cosy! Gorgeous giraffe in the background too!

  5. i do love buying new winter coats but i get bored of them so quickly! this one is gorgeous though and i love London zoo too, the meerkats are adorable :D x

  6. This coat looks soooo cozy! I really think you should take me coat shopping!

    - Elodie x

  7. oooh that coat does look toasty and warm, good find!

  8. Love this coat and the giraffe in the background! x


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