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18.12.2013- What I Wore Today #165

Remember this post from a few months ago which saw me singing the praises of snapping up second chance items on eBay? Well, since then I've added to my wardrobe with a few more savvy purchases from some of my favourite designers- having missed them completely the first time around. Long term readers will know that I'm something of a vintage fan, so the opportunity to source pieces from the past (even if it's only a matter of seasons ago) is something which I really enjoy. However, not being able to try before you buy is something which can lead to a fair few pitfalls, especially when you can't pop along to a shop to return items. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a blue version of this dress from House of Holland's AW12 collection, but when it arrived it was far too long (even on my 5ft 9 self!), and not particularly flattering if I'm being honest. With a plan in my head to have it altered to something more resembling this (sadly sold out!) swing dress style, I was soon on the hunt for a talented seamstress to help where my (non-existent!) sewing skills couldn't. Step forward Hanae from Simply Tailored, who created this:

Dress- House of Holland via eBay, altered by Simply Tailored
Coat- Vintage
Bag- Zara
Shoes- Topshop

Located in Liberty, Simply Tailored is a real hidden treasure, offering alterations, remodeling and repairs. Having contacted a fair few tailors across London, I popped in to see Hanae one morning for an initial consultation and she immediately understood what I wanted the finished dress to look like- something which was such a relief as I have precisely no experience of alterations! A few months and a couple of fittings later- this is the finished result. I couldn't be happier with the dress, and Hanae was such a pleasure to work with throughout the process of remodeling- in fact I quite miss not popping in to see her for a fitting every few weeks! I honestly can't thank her enough for taking such care and attention with my dress, and investing in such a unique piece is something which I found really enjoyable- after all, it's a complete one-off now! The bright zig zag print is also pretty festive, don't you think? 

A huge thank you to Hanae, Simply Tailored and the staff at Liberty for all their help!

Have you ever had anything remodeled or altered?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Such a striking dress! I love it!

    Emma x

  2. it is SO flattering on you Sarah, you look gorge x

  3. Sometimes, getting something altered or tailored makes such a difference! I've definitely learned that back in when I was obsessed with my mum's 70s clothes. Surely if it was good enough for Nicole Richie, it was good enough for me, eh?

    - Elodie x

  4. I love having such a beautiful friend! You always look so gorgeous!


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