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10.01.2014- What I Wore Today #168

At this time of the year, my knitwear collection really starts earning its keep. Although it's not bitterly cold outside at the moment, it's still a little on the nippy side, so day to day I'm still reaching for my favourite winter warmers. Investing in good, sturdy knitwear (which won't shrink! ) is definitely something which I've been converted to in recent years, particularly after the majority of my cheaper jumpers fell victim to the washing machine, disintegrating after only a few washes. So, when I treated myself to a few new knits at the end of last year, I made sure that I invested wisely in pieces which I'll get plenty of wear out of:

Jumper-Whistles (via John Lewis)
Jeans- c/o Laura Ashley
Shoes- Gap 
Necklace- c/o Next

Another outfit post, another chance for me to wax lyrical about how much I love Whistles! This knit has proven a real firm favourite since purchase, and it's the perfect casual option to reach for when I'm having trouble deciding what to wear. The geometric pattern is the perfect nod to some of the check designs which are still proving so popular, but it's also a piece which I know I'll get plenty of wear out of from season to season too. Definitely a new favourite! 

Which knitwear pieces do you reach for during the winter? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Gorgeous outfit, that jumper is so lovely! I definitely look for jumpers that I can stick on when I can't find anything else to wear. But I also love knitwear that I can layer up with shirts :)

  2. Your new hair looks absolutely lush. Just like you Sarah. Excited for burgers next week!

  3. That jumper is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  4. Ohhh this look is gorgeous on you!

    Sarah Betty xx


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