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18.03.2014- Spring Style Staples

With a distinctive new season feeling in the air, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been having a sartorial spring clean of late. Over the weekend I made a point of having little bit of a wardrobe detox, tidying up my shoe collection (it's no longer taking up 50% of my bedroom floor!!) and decanting my ever expanding collection of blouses, tees and shirts. Sorting out my clothing collection is a task which I'm forever guilty of putting off and putting off- I seem to find it's one of those things which seems like a really good idea at the time, but is far less appealing five hours down the line when all you want is a cup of tea but can't make it to the door for the mountain of clothes which are now dominating the doorway! Hence, this year, my decision to tackle things gradually (let's not run before we can walk and all that!), and to seriously consider investing in some high quality basics which will prove to be timeless classics- no need to commit to a wardrobe clear out with these spring sartorial staples in your arsenal:

One Button Jacket in Fuchsia/Cube Print Silk Shirt/Armani Beauty Nail Lacquer/Armani Jeans High Waist Skinny Jeans/Straight Leg Wool Trousers/Peter Pan Blouse/Armani Jeans Button Boyfriend Blazer/Wave Knit Top/Armani Jeans Tricolour Logo Scarf, all Giorgio Armani at Harrods.

As far as a spring wardrobe statement goes, you can't get much more refreshing than this fuchsia jacket. Pink had something of a renaissance last season, and for SS14, it's once again proving just as popular, both in pastel hues and eye popping summer shades. This jacket is definitely summer appropriate, whether teamed with a simple tee and statement necklace or as part of a special occasion ensemble. Regular readers will know that basic blouses form a staple part of my working wardrobe, and this geometric style ticks all the right boxes. As a casual basic, it would be fantastically easy to style with jeans, but lends itself equally well to effortless sophisticated chic- a real all-weather investment. Over recent weeks, I've also become rather obsessed with neutral nail colours, shunning some of the brighter members of my polish collection in favour of more subdued shades. This understated dove grey is a lovely accent colour, and a real failsafe for spring- I'm already contemplating snapping it up to co-ordinate with my recent foray into grey from ASOS

We all know how tricky it can be to pick up the perfect pair of jeans (I'm sure I've documented my fair share of denim dilemmas in many an outfit post!), but this pair from Armani Jeans really caught my eye. Firstly, I love the darker wash, and the high waist lends itself really nicely to creating a smarter silhouette. Having a longer line is also perfect if, like me, you veer towards the tall side of average and are forever struggling to find denim which fits properly. With smarter dressing in mind, look no further than this super stylish pair of black trousers- perfect for elegant daywear but also ultra adaptable for evenings too. The collar detail blouse is another firm favourite in my wardrobe, and this vibrant purple style is a real new season winner- great for teaming with staple trousers or denim, as well as layering under a pretty pastel spring knit. Styles like this are about as timeless as they come, and a really versatile investment too.

I don't know about you, but as the weather gets warmer, I tentatively start leaving the house without a coat- a sure sign that the seasons are shifting. Woolly layers are rapidly replaced by lightweight jackets, and over recent years I've become a real fan of the boyfriend blazer- simple, sophisticated and a piece which works equally well within a casual context as it does as part of a smarter ensemble. This longline navy design is a true classic, and ideal for mastering tricky transitional dressing as well as creating a more androgynous aesthetic. With a brighter colour palette in mind, look no further than this crisp white top- again ideal for layering and a savvy summer holiday splurge. Finally, although the sunshine is making a welcome return, there's still a crisp feeling in the air- so a staple spring scarf is a definite must-have for me. 

What are your spring staples?

(Image credit: Harrods.)

*This post has been sponsored by Harrods. My opinions, as ever, are 100% honest.


  1. That pink jacket is gorgeous but I NEED that navy blazer, swoon!

    Maria xxx


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