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29.03.2014- What I Wore Today #178

As much as I love window shopping and putting together outfits, when it comes to the crunch I'm ultra lazy with my day-to-day dressing. My mornings tend to be quite a rush and no matter how much I keep promising myself that I'll plan what I'm going to wear in advance, it never actually seems to happen (the best laid plans and all that!) As a result, most of the time I tend to reach for a set of basic staples including my trusty Kristen Jeans from Topshop (why oh why have they stopped making them?!), jumpers and comfortable shoes. I'm constantly on the lookout for easy to wear, time saving pieces, and the resurgence of the humble sweatshirt over recent months has played perfectly into my rather relaxed dressing habits- as one of my more recent purchases proves: 

 Sweatshirt- Topshop 
Jeans- Topshop 
Shoes- Gap

This sweatshirt was something of an impulse purchase from Topshop- somewhere where I've largely avoided recently as their overall aesthetic seemed to have shifted into the 'too young for me' category. It's quite strange that somewhere I used to visit (and buy from) regularly has become far less of a 'go-to' shopping destination- in much the same way that a trip to Oxford Street on a Saturday used to be the most exciting event for any weekend, now it's a prospect which fills me with absolute dread! Anyway, having said all that, I spied this sweatshirt last week and made a rather frivolous purchase, but the echoes of Celine which resonate through the laundry bag print were enough to make me part with some hard-earned pennies. It's quite an unconventional piece compared to the majority of my wardrobe, but something which is a real effortless essential, and perfect for this tricky transitional weather too. Here I teamed it with my go-to denim and skate shoes for a casual, comfortable look.

Have you picked up any new favourites recently? 

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I love your jumper! Really simple but classy look. And your hair looks stunning xx

  2. You always ind the best clothes, that jumper is ace! I know what you mean about Topshop though, everything just feels so cheap in there!

    Maria xxx

  3. I love this sweatshirt! I really want one but worried that it will be too hot by the time my shopping ban is over! x

  4. i love how simple yet stunning this outfit is x


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