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06.04.2014- Westerosi Wardrobe Wonders

Unless you've been living across the Narrow Sea of late, it can't fail to have escaped your attention that this evening (well, 2am UK time!) marks the much anticipated return of Game of Thrones to our television screens! I for one am ridiculously excited at the prospect of returning to Westeros and catching up with some of my favourite characters (as well as some which I love to hate...!) You might remember that last year I put together a little post about Rodarte's SS13 collection, which drew more than a little inspiration from the world of George R.R. Martin's imagining, and the arrival of series four has heralded an influx of Westerosi inspired pieces on the high street too:
 photo westerosi_zps70acc59c.jpg
Dragon Skin Dress, £135, Whistles/Leaf Headband, £15.99, Zara/Long Dress with Low Back, £49.99, Zara/Zodiac Top, £45, & Other Stories/Clio Sandals, €120, Ancient Greek Sandals/Crystal Hair Clip, £17.10, Boden/Gold Tone Horse Brooch, £6, River Island/Leo Starsign Flats, £495, Charlotte Olympia/Laura Lee Lion Coin Ring, £135, ASOS.

One of the things which I love about Game of Thrones is the beautifully created aesthetics- from the cinematography and beautiful locations to the costumes and armour, everything you see on screen helps to build a really authentic, believable picture of the worlds created on the page. I also really like how there are clear visual codes which help to identify characters and locations, something which again lends a sense of realism to the myriad of realms in which the action unfolds. Whilst it might be slightly impractical to head to work in a suit of armour (although maybe necessary at times!), at the moment the shops seem to be full of subtle little nods to a more ethereal, otherworldly look- and this little selection encompasses some of my favourites, as well as giving me the opportunity to combine two of my favourite things- GoT and online window shopping! 

This dress hit the Whistles homepage last week, and my immediate thought when I saw it incorporated a dragon skin print was 'Khaleesi!' There's no denying that the Mother of Dragons is one of the most stylish characters in the series (this little anecdote about costume designer Michelle Clapton buying a Vionnet dress for Daenerys has got to be one of my favourites!), and this print offers a really modern nod to a more mystical, exotic aesthetic. I also never cease to be amazed by the jewellery and intricate metalwork which incorporated into so many of the costumes- this lovely headband from Zara is subtly crown-like, and a piece which is perfect for summer too. Beautiful blues feature heavily across Daenerys' wardrobe, and also across a lot of Margaery Tyrell's costumes- this dress from Zara offers a lovely new season salute to one of the realm's best dressed.

The seven pointed star motif is one of the most recognisable symbols in Westeros, particularly across King's Landing, and whilst this Zodiac top from & Other Stories has a few more spokes to offer, it definitely conjures up something a little otherworldly. I've had my eye on a pair of Ancient Greek Sandals for a few years now, and this simple pair would prove a welcome addition to any summer wardrobe- although perhaps not the most sensible choice of footwear for navigating the slums of Flea Bottom, eh? This gorgeous hair clip from Boden has a really classically inspired feel to it, and Laura Lee's lion ring (designed exclusively for ASOS) is a perfect pledge of allegiance to House Lannister. With all things lion in mind, look no further than Charlotte Olympia's iconic, much-coveted Leo flats- although it might be an idea to pay your debts before investing in a pair! Finally, River Island's horse brooch offers (in my mind!) a lovely little tribute to Khal Drogo- because let's be honest, we still really miss him, don't we?!

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Are you looking forward to season four?

(Image credit: Whistles, Zara, & Other Stories, Ancient Greek Sandals, Boden, River Island, Charlotte Olympia & ASOS.)


  1. I have never seen GoT (I'm waiting for it to be finished properly before I start!) but I can imagine incorporating some of these beauties into my wardrobe!

    Maria xxx

  2. I love that maxi dress! And I promise I will start watching GoT one day... x


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