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21.04.2014- Most Wanted: Susie Bubble Styles & Other Stories

Since the opening of their flagship branch in central London last year, & Other Stories has definitely become one of my most visited shopping haunts. Not only is their Regent Street store a masterclass in conceptual shopping, but I'm a huge fan of the overall minimalist aesthetic which the brand has to offer- perfect for trying to pull off effortless chic on days where you don't want to have the age old 'I have nothing to wear' dilemma (which, for me, is 99.9% of the time!) Over the last few months, I've made a few & Other Stories shaped additions to my wardrobe, predominately in the shape of blouses and t-shirts- simple staples which are just a little more stylish than the traditional sort of basic buys you'd find elsewhere. Indeed, one of my most recent purchases from them was a true holiday essential, and is something which has been through the wash more times than I can count since I bought it. With a distinct Scandi-cool aesthetic and a really unique approach to design, & Other Stories has cemented itself as a real go-to brand, and for summer their appeal looks set to soar even further, thanks to a super special styling collaboration with the one and only Susie from Style Bubble:

Snapped by Phil Oh from StreetPeeper across Milan and Paris fashion weeks, these shots perfectly capture the array of vivid, ultra wearable pieces which & Other Stories will be serving up for summer. It goes without saying that I adore the array of colours on display here, and it's really refreshing to see florals given something of an in-your-face, punchy makeover across dresses, trousers and shirts. I'm also loving the painterly effect prints (reminding me to dig out this beauty over the next few weeks!), and any outfit which is topped off with the addition of a pair of Nike trainers has to be a winner in my book!

The majority of pieces styled by Susie are available online now, but expect to see the rest of the high summer collection dropping over the next few weeks.

Are you a fan of these pieces? Which look is your favourite?

(Image credit: Phil Oh/ & Other Stories.)


  1. That floral dress is to die for! I am usually not one for florals, but this is gorgeous!

    - Elodie x

  2. & Other Stories is such an amazing shop - I always want everything when I go in!


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