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26.05.2014- Beauty Buys: Essie SS14

Whilst it's not that often that I have spare fifteen minutes to paint my nails, when I do there tends to be only one brand which I reach for: Essie. Since launching in the UK 2012, Essie's array of pretty polishes have become firm favourites of mine- the glide on formula is perfect if you're something of a beauty laze like I am, and they also promise a smudge and stress free manicure- ideal if wielding a paint brush of any shape or size is something which strikes a note of fear into your heart (believe me, I still have nightmares about GCSE art!) For spring 2014, Essie have once again produced a beautiful array of season ready shades- a few of which made their way into my shopping basket during a trip to Boots a few weeks ago...

From left to right: Style Hunter, Fashion Playground and Truth or Flare.

Something of a savvy shopper, I seized the chance to snap this trio up when Boots were running their legendary three for two offer across their beauty range. These three shades proved the standouts from the SS14 drop for me, and are hues which were distinctly lacking in my polish collection- so investing in these was a no-brainer. Style Hunter is a vivid pinky red, which is wonderful for making a bold statement and offering a seasonal twist on more classic tones. With sandal weather well and truly with us, I've been wearing it on both my fingers and toes and it's perhaps the most summer holiday ready of this collection. At first glance, Fashion Playground appears to be the long lost sister of Essie's iconic Mint Candy Apple, but look at little closer and you'll notice some distinct differences. Fashion Playground is much lighter and far less opaque than Mint Candy Apple, and instead of being purely matte, it's flecked through with sparkles and little traces of glitter. Of the two, I'd probably plump for Fashion Playground as I much prefer the formulation and the subtler hue. Truth or Flare is my favourite of the bunch- a cool grey-blue which isn't an obvious spring shade but which taps really nicely into a more minimalist, modern feel. Definitely one which I'll be repurchasing before it disappears!

Have you snapped up any of Essie's new polishes?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Truth or Flare is gorgeous... and not similar to any other I have. Good enough excuse to go buy yet another nail polish right? :-p

    Dayner x //

  2. I think you can never go wrong with Essie, I actually also bought a mint green one recently!

    Much love xxx

  3. All three of these shades are so pretty. I am a big Essie fan!


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