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13.06.2014- Day Tripping: Bodiam Castle

You might remember that a little while ago, I made the most of having some much needed time away from work by paying a visit to Bodiam Castle. Although it's not too far from where I live, I'd never visited- and with Game of Thrones in full swing on the telly, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore somewhere new (whilst reciting lines from the programme, obvs!) Now owned by The National Trust, Bodiam is one of England's oldest surviving castles. Nestled in the picturesque East Sussex countryside, it's been standing since the 14th century, and with a series of spectacular turrets as well as a moat, it's the perfect example of classic medieval architecture. Put simply, imagine a castle and I'm pretty sure 99% of it will look like Bodiam...

Originally built as a defensive outpost during the Hundred Years' War, the castle has since passed through a number of ancestral owners, and was the target of a siege during the Wars of the Roses (although it's unconfirmed whether this actually happened or not!) After being sold at the outset of the English Civil War, the castle stood as a ruin until 1829 when it was partially restored, before being sold to Lord Curzon, who bequeathed the property to The National Trust upon his death in 1925. 

The most striking thing about Bodiam is how serene it is. A much welcome (and much needed) escape from the chaos and frenzy of London, this is an ideal destination for a quiet, relaxed and leisurely day trip. The surrounding countryside is absolutely breathtaking, and the views from the top of the castle are well worth the steep climb to the top of the turrets. The cafe also offers some of the best tea and cake I've ever enjoyed- and if that's not worth the journey then I don't know what is!

Have you visited Bodiam Castle?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. This looks lovely, we have some fabulous castles in Wales, Caerphilly is my favourite and Chepstow is pretty good too with a nice little town to wander around x


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