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25.06.2014-What I Wore Today #192

Most of the time, and particularly during this hot and sticky weather, I tend to find myself reaching for the same wardrobe faithfuls week after week. Lately I've been living in basic, loose fitting tees like this one from Whistles, and some of my favourites from & Other Stories have been on a constant rotation from washing machine to wardrobe to being worn. It's safe to say that at this time of the year, I tend to be focused on comfort- so don't really shop around for more experimental pieces which deviate too much from my wardrobe habits. However, after discovering a £50 Topshop voucher in my copy of Grazia a few weeks ago (!!!), I decided to treat myself to a few bits which I've really been enjoying styling when I've found myself fancying a break from the trusty basics: 

Shirt- Topshop
Jeans- Whistles
Shoes- Zara

First thing's first- haircut! I had a long overdue chop a few weekends ago- long hair and hot weather really don't make the most fun of combinations! My super talented cousin Leanne gave my hair some much needed TLC, and I'm already feeling the benefits of having a shorter 'do (considerably more economical use of my shampoo and conditioner being one of them!) This blouse from Topshop caught my eye as it's really versatile piece which can be styled with smarter staples, or with more casual basics as I did here. This sophisticated windowpane check print is also something which I think we'll be seeing a lot more of when autumn arrives, so it's definitely something of an investment piece too, and proved a welcome smart touch during a week of struggling to know what to put on to avoid turning into a sweaty puddle as soon as I left the house!

Have you picked up anything new recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Love this top and your hair looks ace, perfect for summer!

    Maria xxx

  2. This outfit is really nice - I had my eye on that topshop shirt!! I think you are right about the print coming in more for autumn - Love it :) x

  3. Ah I love the blouse! What a great look :)

  4. love this outfit! i love the stripe and polka dot mix with the blouse and shoes!


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