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26.07.2014- MARA Jewellery

I've mentioned in a few previous posts that I'm something of a self confessed jewellery junkie, and over the years I've amassed quite a collection (three jewellery boxes, four ring holders and two necklace racks!) of pretty pieces which I wear on a pretty steady rotation. Having said that, I'm always on the lookout for new pieces to add to my collection, so when the lovely Miranda got in touch to introduce MARA Jewellery, I hastily headed to the website- and was really impressed by what I found:

Everybody Out & Sky's The Limit Bracelets, c/o MARA Jewellery

Believe it or not, bracelets are somewhat lacking from my jewellery selection, so when Miranda kindly offered to send me a few pieces, I made an instant beeline for the bangles. Taking inspiration from the markets of Thailand where the label started life, each piece of jewellery is handmade and incorporates handpicked elements such as semi-precious stones. These two pretty pieces caught my eye as they're really unusual and unlike so much of the jewellery which I tend to see in the shops, and needless to say that they've scarcely left my wrist since they arrived. Just dainty enough to work well alongside everyday staples like my watch, yet making enough of a statement so as not to get too overwhelmed by my other accessories, this duo has really been brightening up my outfits of late, and is a cute combination which I'm sure will become a mainstay of my jewellery collection,

A big thank you to Miranda for the pieces!

Have you discovered any new favourite jewellery recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Such lovely pieces! They look like they'd be great for summer!

    Emma x

  2. The bow bangle has to be my favourite. What a beauty!


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