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07.08.2014- Beauty Buys: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

When it comes to skincare, recently I've been waxing lyrical about some of my favourite day to day products, as well as a tidy little collection of classics, and, over the last few weeks, I've discovered a new daily staple. Long time readers will be well aware that I'm a bit of a long standing Laura Mercier lover, after my first foray into foundations came with my purchase of their amazing tinted moisturiser, so it will probably come as no surprise that one of my new favourite things is also from them. Their foundation primer was something of a stealth purchase as it was included in the Selfridges Beauty Project Box which I picked up a few months ago, and it's become a real firm favourite- and something of a warm weather essential:

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, 30ml.

As a relative newbie to all things foundation focused, I have to confess, I was a little confused as to what a primer was actually for. When does it go on? What does it do? Will I remember to use it every day? Having experimented with it pretty steadily over the last couple of months, I've found that it's very much been a case of trial and error. I tend to pop in on post moisturising and before I reach for my tinted moisturiser so it acts as the perfect base and prepares my skin for the day to day products which feature in my getting ready routine, but the great thing about this pocket sized purchase is that it's pretty flexible so can factor in to your making up at pretty much any stage. It's also a product which is a real hot weather hero too, and over the last few weeks has definitely held up to the challenges of the tropical temperatures in London- keeping my face in place even on the most stifling of days!

Have you tried the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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