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02.09.2014- Transitional Treasures

This inbetweeny weather is definitely something which is proving pretty problematic to negotiate, don't you think? Torrential rain one minute, a peek of sunshine the next, and just enough of a chilly breeze in the air to have you seriously thinking about reaching for a coat. I have to confess that I've already raided my knitwear stash for some favourites to keep the sudden chill at bay (it feels so wrong discussing jumpers just as we bid farewell to August!), but there's a little part of me which can't quite resign myself to the fact that summer is over and done with for another year. In my part of the world, the leaves on the trees are already starting to fall, and with the slow crawl into winter looking like it's just around the corner, I'm sure I'm not the only one seriously thinking about investing in some new wardrobe essentials to make the transition just a little bit easier:

 photo transition_zps1b44c421.jpg
Smart Rucksack, £25, Warehouse/Hanna Shirt, £40, Monki/Grey Cocoon Coat, £80, Oasis/Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Palette, £69, John Lewis/Noisy May Kim Boyfriend Jeans, £55, ASOS/Ursula Sunglasses, $165, Kate Spade/Grey Patent Leather Loafers, £65, Office/Aura Precious Stone Ring, £15, Isis Triple Precious Stone Ring, £12 and Aura Precious Stone Bracelet, £15, all Z for Accessorize.

No new season spend is complete without investing in a new bag, and recently I've been seriously tempted by the humble rucksack. This design from Warehouse caught my eye as I think it's the perfect happy medium between a traditional structured bag and something more practical, and the neutral colour makes it ultra easy to style too. The change in season is usually something which results in a marked shift towards darker hues, but this autumn I'm determined to cling onto a tiny bit of colour. Monki have got some really lovely pieces in at the moment, and this shirt really caught my eye as I love the print, and think that the contrasting colours are perfect for pairing with wardrobe essentials like jeans and smart trousers. Definitely one to add to my shopping list. 

At this time of the year, negotiating the changing weather and tumbling temperatures is something of an art form, and the urge to reach for your winter coat is almost instinctive. This year, I'm saving my thick woolly coats for when winter is well and truly with us, and so far I've been living in my Whistles trench coat when the weather's looked a little on the tumultuous side. Whilst it wins serious bonus points for being water resistant, it's not really that warm, so I've been keeping my eyes well and truly peeled for something to fill the transitional void- and this cocoon coat from Oasis is absolutely perfect. Not only does the cosy fit get a huge thumbs up for the duvet-esque wrapping up factor, but again the neutral shade makes it an ideal basic which you could come back to year after year. 

As we edge closer to the (whisper it!) festive season, one of my favourite things to do is keep my eyes trained on the beauty counters for lots of new products. Hot on the heels of her beautiful Surf & Sand collection is this amazing Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude palette. Offering an array of neutrals, these are everyday shades which work in countless combinations- definitely a new season treat worth investing in if you're looking to spruce up your beauty drawer. Although I'm a long term devotee of Topshop's high waisted jeans, the pairs which I have in my denim collection are looking a little bit faded- so it's definitely time to invest in some new staples. Truth be told, I've already snapped up this Noisy May pair from ASOS and I'm super impressed, with the more relaxed fit offering a nice new season alternative to my traditional skinny favourites. With the weather looking distinctly gloomy at the moment, it seems like we've well and truly seen the back of the summer. However, always the optimist, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that the sun will put in a few more fleeting appearances before winter arrives- and these Kate Spade sunglasses are a definite favourite of mine at the moment.

There's something about the change in seasons which always compels me to go shoe shopping (something which I put down to making the annual pilgrimage to Clarks when I was at school!), and in the autumn I find myself drawn to more structured styles. These loafers from Office have shot to the top of my shopping list, with the traditionally inspired shape hinting at a perfect dash of back to school chic, and the lighter colour making them the ideal staple to bridge the summer to autumn gap in your wardrobe. Finally, I've been seriously covering the Z for Accessorize range since it launched a little while ago, and although I've picked up a few pieces, I'm sure it won't be long until some more of her beautiful designs find their way into my jewellery box- this trio is a selection of my current favorites.

Have you picked up any transitional pieces recently?

(Image credit: Warehouse, Monki, Oasis, John Lewis, ASOS, Kate Spade, Office & Accessorize.)


  1. I love that shirt! I'm trying to make the most of my summer pieces at the moment - too many things I still haven't worn but definitely tempted by some of the new offerings in the shops. x

  2. I adore the bag, it's so pretty. And the coat of course. Can't resist a good coat for the colder days!

    I can't say I have picked up any transitional pieces to be honest. It's Spring now where I live, so I am aiming for more of the "warmer" pieces. :)

    Naturally Jes


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