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01.10.2014- What I Wore Today #203

I don't know about you, but there's something about the prospect of special occasion dressing which has the ability to throw me into a right old panic. I've talked on these pages a few times before about the fact that my idea of an enjoyable evening is sitting down in front of a Game of Thrones marathon with an unlimited supply of tea and biscuits, and even before I veered into early Granny territory, I'd never really be one for 'going out'. Looking back, I'm pretty positive that this can be attributed to a few factors- firstly, the nightlife where I live isn't exactly thriving, and secondly, working every Saturday in retail during my time at uni meant that by the time the evening rolled around, the prospect of pyjamas and Strictly Come Dancing was infinitely preferable to the idea of painting the town red. Anyway, I digress- what I'm getting at here is the fact that my wardrobe, whilst bursting at the seams with jeans and jumpers, doesn't really stand up to the challenge of event dressing. So, when I received my first wedding invitation a few months ago, it's fair to say that I was less worried about the prospect of baking the cake than I was about what I was going to wear. After a few shocking spur of the moment purchases proved to lean more towards the 'miss' section of the spectrum, I looked to the past for some outfit inspiration instead:

Dress- Vintage  (via Beyond Retro)
Shoes- c/o F&F
Bag- Vintage
Sunglasses- Vintage
Hair Slide- Urban Outfitters

After trawling through online shop after online shop in search of something to wear, I stumbled across this gorgeous printed vintage frock from Beyond Retro after almost giving up hope of ever finding anything! The bold, bright pattern proved to be absolutely perfect for a late summer wedding, and I absolutely love the fit too- needless to say it's a piece which makes me feel instantly elegant. It was a real bargain too, coming in at just under £20, and it's a completely unique piece which I know I'll keep forever. Here I paired it with some other vintage favourites in the shape of my sunglasses and bag, and comfortable shoes from F&F were very much the order of the day too. Proof that sometimes you really can't beat a bit of vintage, eh?!

Are you a vintage fan?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Such a nice dress, beautiful print!

    xx Tineke


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