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26.10.14- Nailing It

As far as day to day beauty goes, I think I've mentioned more than a few times in the past that less tends to be more where I'm concerned. I'll happily sacrifice popping on some eyeshadow for an extra few minutes in bed, and am always in favour of scoffing breakfast over trying to master winged eyeliner at half past six in the morning. Don't get me wrong, I'll happily while away hours (when I have them!) getting ready, but as my time in the mornings is very much of the essence nowadays, non essentials tend to fall by the wayside. Painting my nails is also something which I never seem to have much time for these days, but after having a little sort out of my make up drawer and rediscovering a rather substantial selection of polishes, I'm determined to indulge in treating my talons to a splash of colour more often. With effective time management in mind, I've curated a little capsule collection of go-to failsafe favourites:

Clockwise from left: Essie Take It Outside, Chanel Delight, Essie Cocktail Bling, Kure Bazaar Stiletto

Although I've never considered myself to be that much of a nail varnish person, I seem to have amassed quite a collection over the last eighteen months or so (which may or may not have a direct correlation to Essie launching in the UK!!!) This pretty little lot tend to be the ones which I find myself reaching for most often, and although I'm still to discover the perfect long-wearing, chip free top coat, when I do get the chance to embrace my inner artiste and paint away I always feel a little bit perkier. Simple things, eh?!

Essie's Take It Outside is a fairly recent acquisition, and is a new release from their Fall 2014 collection. It's a gorgeous neutral taupe, with a little hint of lilac adding a cool tone. Whilst Chanel's nail polishes don't have the best reputation in terms of durability, the colours are amazing, and the sleek bottle design alone is a serious selling point. I picked up Delight as a birthday present to myself a little while back, and this iridescent gold is a really classy number- as well as being perfect for the festive season. Another Essie purchase comes in the shape of Cocktail Bling, one of my most worn favourites from their spring drop earlier this year. The blue-grey hue is a real staple, and a true trans-seasonal treasure. Finally, no nail varnish collection is complete without the traditional, ultra sophisticated red polish- and this one from Kure Bazaar is one of the best I've found to date- I'm definitely going to pick up a few more of their shades as the formulation promises up to 85% natural ingredients- winner!

What are your nail polish preferences?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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