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04.04.2015- Future Fashion at Westfield Stratford City

Although the arrival of spring is cause for much celebration, the prospect of tackling those tricky new season trends can be quite a daunting one, don't you think? Although I've been harping on about the long awaited change in seasons for what feels like forever, the weather is still proving a tad unpredictable, and, if I'm being honest, the creature of habit in me is still (rather lazily, I confess!) reaching for easy to wear, cosy jumpers first thing in the morning. With this in mind, I was really excited to be invited along to Westfield Stratford City to try the latest in trendy technology as part of their Future Fashion event- the perfect way to kick off the long Bank Holiday weekend:

Future Fashion is a seriously savvy shopping experience, and one which uses the latest technology to explore SS15's most sought after trends: Denim, Floral and Future Modern. Across the event, digital experiences encourage you to engage with fashion in a whole host of different ways, whether that be immersing yourself in the most coveted aesthetics of the season with unique fashion avatars, or exploring some new season style essentials with the Edit Me technology on offer. Perhaps most exciting of all is the virtual reality experience which uses Oculus Rift software to plunge you into a fully interactive virtual fashion world. Pretty mind blowing, eh? As well as that, the event also encompasses some dreamy denim from American Eagle Outfitters (who are offering an amazing 25% off purchases when you try before you buy), and a great programme of style sessions and workshops hosted by some of Westfield Stratford City's fashion favourites. Definitely one to make a bee-line for if you're hitting the shops this weekend!

How are you exploring SS15's trends?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Sad that I missed this when visiting the Chocobatch! x

  2. It all sounds so good, but I'm faithful to Westfield White City. It's just THE BEST!

    - Elodie x


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