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15.04.2015- Handbag Heroes

Whilst it's no secret that I'm a huge fan of handbags and tend to rotate the ones which I use on a pretty regular basis, the basics which I carry around with me tend to remain pretty constant. I'm a huge believer in being prepared for all eventualities (a trait which I inherited from my mum!), but most of the time I'm guilty of carting around far more than I actually need to have with me. In fact, when I last indulged in a handbag detox, I could barely find the essentials amidst a random collection of bits and pieces including a woolly hat, two umbrellas and enough old train tickets to start a museum collection. Anyway, within the chaos, I thought it would be nice to share some of my ultimate handbag heroes with you- the basic belongings which are essential for every day:

Sunglasses, River Island/Pen, Muji/Lip Balm, Kiehl's/Ticket Wallet, Oliver Bonas

I tend to have a pair of sunglasses in my bag no matter what the weather (which is either really optimistic or ultra-prepared!), but when the summer arrives I always like swapping my favourites around. I picked up this jazzy pair from River Island in their end of season sale and I can't wait to give them a whirl this year- the floral detail adds the perfect nod to the holiday inspired style which I was talking about in my last post. In the words of many of my GCSE teachers at secondary school, failure to prepare is preparing to fail- pretty routine as life lessons go and not overly inspiring, but something which has been ingrained into my brain nonetheless- not to mention one of the reasons why I make sure I've always got a pen handy in my bag. These colourful ones from Muji are really practical and not prone to springing a leak in the same way that the Biros which I carted around in my pencil case at school would almost inevitably combust and cover everything in ink. Now that's a life lesson worth shouting about, don't you think?!

As far a lip balms are concerned, my bag used to be something of a bottomless pit, where many a product would disappear and be long forgotten about until they were reclaimed many months later. That is, until I discovered this gorgeous Mango Lip Balm from Kiehl's- something that once you try, you'll make a concentrated effort not to let fall into the handbag black hole. It's super light, beautifully fragranced and is by far one of the best products of this kind I've ever used, as well as being brilliant value for money. Finally, regular readers (and those of you who follow me on Twitter...#trainpain!) will know that I spend approximately half of my life on one form of public transport or another. This personalised ticket wallet from Oliver Bonas is perfect for stashing all of my tickets (for those all important Delay Repay claims!) and Oyster card, as well as cheering me up when I'm in a rush by invoking some serious S Club 7 nostalgia. But I'm sure that's only me!

What are your handbag essentials?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I swear by those Muji pens! They're so good!

    And girl, you need to bring those sunnies - and yourself - to the French Riviera, thank you.

    - Elodie x


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