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09.09.2015- What I Wore Today #230

Although there's a part of me which is itching to snap up lots of new autumn pieces (much like the 60s inspired ones which I featured last week), I'm still desperately clinging on to the last weeks of summer- particularly as the downpours which punctuated August seem to have robbed us of any opportunity to make the most of the lighter days whilst they're still here. I'm also digging out lots of brighter colours from my wardrobe in an effort to postpone (for a little while, at least!), the inevitable onset of the winter blues- whilst contenting myself with pinning away snapshots of beaches on Pinterest! Over the last few weeks, I've rediscovered some old favourites- and have been the throwing caution to the (not inconsiderable!) wind and making end most of the opportunity to wear them before they're packed away for another year...

Dress- Whistles
Jacket- Zara
Shoes- Gap
Bag- Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses- Ray Ban (via John Lewis)

I've had this dress from Whistles for a good few years, and it's a real summer favourite- but unfortunately something which I don't get to wear as often as I like, thanks, in no small part, to the rather unpredictable British weather. The colour is an instant mood booster, and shift shape makes it a pretty timeless piece- and it's one of my savviest sale purchases to date! Here I teamed it some other old favourites in the shape of my faithful flats from Gap and Zara jacket, as well as a new addition to my accessory collection in the shape of this backpack from Urban Outfitters.

Have you been wearing any old favourites recently?

(Image credit: Sophie Warner, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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