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18.09.2015- What I Wore Today #231

For me, there are few things which induce a complete retreat into relaxation quite like going for a nice long walk. I'm so lucky that I live only a hop, skip and a jump away from a nature reserve and fields which go on for ages, and always find myself so grateful for the peace, quiet and fresh air. I usually incorporate some of the route into my runs, which sometimes means I don't get the chance to stop and smell the flowers, but at the start of last week (and determined to make the most of the sunny days whilst they're still here!), I made a point of taking things at a more leisurely pace, giving me the perfect opportunity to take a new wardrobe favourite for a spin too:


Top- Oasis
Trousers- ASOS
Sunglasses- Vintage

I spotted this blouse in the Oasis window on my lunch break a few weeks ago, and although it was a complete impulse purchase, it's one which I'm so happy with. Not only is the embroidered detail around the collar perfectly pretty, it's also the ideal addition to my wardrobe for this tricky transitional weather, especially as it lends itself really well to layering too. After sifting through some old fashion favourites over the last few weeks or so, I also rediscovered these trousers from ASOS which I've had for absolutely ages but which are still a firm favourite, particularly as they're so versatile. This backdrop proved to be the perfect late summer spot too- especially as it won't be long until these fields are completely empty! I also captured a little bit of film footage- something I've been meaning to experiment with for ages- so would love to hear what you think!

Have you snapped up any late summer buys recently?

(Image and video credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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