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23.09.2015- Beauty Buys: In the Pink

With the prospect of winter looming large, I'm sure I'm not the only one already looking for ways to hang on to some summertime energy. Whether it be having a rummage through my wardrobe to dig out some brightly coloured basics which I can make the most of during the chillier weather, beginning a countdown to Christmas (!), or already starting to plan next year's holiday adventures, you could say that I'm using some serious diversion tactics in an effort to hold off the onset of darker evenings, cold and flu season and having to leave the house wrapped up in enough knitwear to make the sheep population shudder. One of the easiest ways I've found of grasping on to a sense of summer is through strategically including splashes of colour into my beauty routine, whether that be reaching for a red lipstick, treating myself to a new blusher (this Laura Mercier palette is next on my list...!), or, as I've done rather a lot of late- painting my nails with a spectrum of summer inspired shades. Pink seems to have been my go-to colour of late, and I've found myself steadily rotating a crop of favourites over the last few weeks:

Essie Style Hunter, Essie Sunset Sneaks, Jessica Floating Beauty, OPI Care to Danse, Topshop Remember My Name

Regular readers will be well aware of the fact that I'm a serious Essie addict, thanks in part to the amazing array of shades which they have on offer. Style Hunter is a lovely statement cerise pink, which needs no more than one coat to pack a punch. Sunset Sneaks, one of my favourite purchases from their summer selection, is slightly more orange in tone, making it the perfect colourful coral- in fact I'm wearing it as I type this post! Jessica is a brand which I've used once or twice in the past, and it's always lovely to rediscover a classic. I actually picked up this Floating Beauty hue as a freebie with a recent issue of Red, and it's a lovely everyday essential, particularly as it feels like a great alternative to the more neutral greys and beiges (or should that be greiges...?!!) which I tend to reach for regularly.

OPI is another brand which I've only been too happy to rediscover of late, especially as their formulations are super long-lasting. This subtle, pale pink (Care to Danse) is one of my favourites from their New York City Ballet collection, and is a brilliant basic which reminds me of spring shades- can you tell I'm in denial??!! Finally, Topshop's nail colours have flown a little bit under my radar for a while now (Oxford Street avoidance is probably largely to blame for this!), but this hue (called, appropriately enough, Remember My Name) is a great, cooler colour with just a hint of blue- although it definitely benefits from a rather liberal application!

Have you discovered any beauty favourites recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Fab post hun, some really great picks :) Topshop Remember my name looks gorgeous and Care to Danse :) I love OPI formulas and I agree I’ve been re-discovering also especially Argenteeny Pinkini :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee


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