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30.09.2015- On the Menu: La Farola, Upper Street

Whilst I'm sure I'm not the only one who is delighted that the sun is making (somewhat uncharacteristically!) regular appearances at the moment, my inner pessimist still can't help but dread the prospect of the weather turning in the space of a second and being faced with living in thermals and a jumper until next March. I'm also reflecting on the summer a little bit too (more on that soon I'm sure!) and looking back at some of the things which I got up to- including recalling some new foodie discoveries which I haven't yet posted about. For me, there's something about sharing Tapas which is synonymous with summer- probably because it reminds me so much of going on holiday. So, minus a suitcase, but luckily with sunny weather in abundance, a little while ago I stumbled across a new Spanish inspired favourite- La Farola on Upper Street:

A little walk away from Angel, La Farola fuses traditional favourites with modern touches, creating something pretty special in the process. For example, their calamari is served with wilted choi-sum salad which adds brilliant flavour but also incorporates a really different, unusual texture too. Spanish staples like their sauteed prawns are also reimagined with depth and detail which just adds so much more to the dish. And, as far as desserts are concerned, I was definitely not disappointed, tucking into a heavenly portion of homemade truffles- reason enough to plan a return visit ASAP!

Have you found any new foodie favourites recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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