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14.10.2015- Interior Inspiration: Oliver Bonas

Although the change in seasons already has me chomping at the bit to snap up countless (predominantly wool based!) additions to my wardrobe, I'm also getting inspired to treat my interiors to a new season spruce up too. Perhaps it's got something to do with the prospect of cosying up indoors as the evenings draw in, or a sudden urge to inject a touch of brightness here and there as the weather gets gloomier, but over the last few weeks I've found myself shopping around for some touches to make a few home improvements- and one destination which is well and truly fixed on my radar is Oliver Bonas:
Beatrix Tea Set for One, £25/Landscape Copper Frame, £10/Wave Vase, £42/Copper Wire Recipe Stand, £22/Set of Four Champagne Saucers, £34/Instant Coasters, £9/Pineapple Jewellery Stand, £20

Regular readers will be well aware that I'm a huge fan of tea, and this one person set is just perfect- especially for brewing up as the temperatures drop. I love the pretty pattern too- ideal for pepping up your day to day with a hint of summer, don't you think? Regular readers might remember me talking about switching up some of my favourite posters and prints a little while ago, and so it will probably come as no surprise that I've got my eyes firmly fixed on this copper frame. It's a lovely, light alternative to some of darker frames which I've got dotted around my room, and hints at a vintage inspired style which I love too. I keep meaning to snap up a new vase or two to display some of my favourite flowers in, and now that the blooms in the garden are few and far between, I'm taking the opportunity to treat myself to some favourites from the florists instead. This wave effect vase has planted itself well and truly on my wishlist, particularly as it's such an unusual, elegant piece- and one which I reckon would set off any bouquet beautifully.

In much the same vain, I've also been keeping my eyes peeled for a recipe book stand for the kitchen, and think I've found the perfect one in the shape of this pretty copper design. On a practical note, it's also a lot less bulky than lots of others which I've investigated in the past- ideal if your surface space is at a premium like mine is! With the festive season just around the corner, I'm trying (as always!) to get a little bit ahead of myself as far as present planning is concerned, and this set of champagne saucers is a pretty perfect gift in my book- especially if you're shopping for someone who loves entertaining. On another practical note, these coasters are a great accompanying idea, particularly as they can be personalised. Finally, for something fun and a little bit frivolous- you can't beat a touch of pineapple power here and there, and this jewellery stand has rocketed straight to the top of my wishlist.

Have you been shopping around for any homeware recently?

(Image credit: Oliver Bonas.)


  1. I love Oliver Bonas! That pineapple is so cool. I'm after a new jewellery box and keep an eye on their website for new stock.
    ❤ JH |

  2. I love OB - they always have a good range of pineapple products and that gold one is amazing! x

  3. I've had my eye on that recipe book stand for ages! Oliver Bonas really is THE best place to buy presents - for yourself or your loved ones, y'know...

    - Elodie x


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