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30.10.2015- What I Wore Today #236

Whilst I tend to avoid letting my wardrobe be overly driven by trends, sometimes a definitive aesthetic appears on the radar which is just too tempting to resist. This season (and last, now I come to think of it), embracing a retro style has become rather de rigueur, and you can't move for 60s and 70s inspired designs in the shops at the moment. I've waxed lyrical about my love for the styles of these decades far too much on these pages in the past, so it will probably come as no surprise that I've snapped up more than my fair share of pieces from the shops over recent weeks:

Blouse- Topshop
Trousers- ASOS
Shoes- Converse c/o JD Sports
Sunglasses- Vintage

As soon as I saw this blouse from Topshop, I was instantly sold. The print grabbed my attention from afar one lunchtime, and the rest, as they say, is history. Not only that, but I love the frill detailing on the sleeves too- perfect for channelling a slice of vintage inspired chic. Here I teamed it with a staple pair of trousers from ASOS, which are ideal for this time of the year as they're really warm without being too heavy- as well as being a little on the smarter side than the jeans which I usually find myself reaching for. Finally, sticking with the retro feel, I grabbed my much loved vintage sunglasses- offset pretty perfectly by the Barbican backdrop, don't you think?

Have you hit the shops recently?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Ah that top is absolutely perfect Sarah - such a gorgeous print!

  2. Love this top and what a wonderful outfit photos location! x

  3. This top is perfect on you, I LOVE that print!

    Maria xxx

  4. That print! How fabulous, and it looks amazing with those glasses!


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