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11.11.2015- What I Wore Today #238

I don't know about you, but day to day, I don't tend to plan or pre-ponder what I wear- something which usually tends to result in a morning panic of rather epic proportions when I've got five minutes before I have to leave the house and am still scrabbling around in my wardrobe searching for something which is weather appropriate/not completely creased (delete as appropriate!) As much as I think it would be a breeze to be one of those people who plans their weekly wardrobe to the smallest detail on a Sunday, something else always seems to crop up (usually tuning into the Strictly Come Dancing results..!), and on the odd occasion where I have tried to forward plan, the weather usually has a habit of throwing something of a spanner in the works. Having said that, I am making more of a concerted effort to be a little bit more organised with my wardrobe- if only to make sure that I'm getting plenty of wear out of some recent purchases:
Top- Zara
Jeans- Miss Selfridge
Jacket- ASOS
Shoes- Vans (c/o Surfdome)
Sunglasses- Ray-Ban (via John Lewis)
Bag- New Look

You might remember this Zara tunic from a post way back in the summer, and I'm pleased to say that it's proving something of a staple for autumn too. It's one of those failsafes which is ultra easy to wear, and the ideal statement staple to reach for when I find myself pushed for time of a morning. It's also really versatile, and lends itself so well to lots of different combinations- here I teamed it with some of my favourite jeans and denim jacket from ASOS- another piece which has been a real investment for this tricky transitional weather, and something which I'm sure will see me through the chilly onset of spring too.

Have you reworked any wardrobe essentials recently?

(Image credit: Hannah Hobson, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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