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16.11.2015- Wardrobe Wishlist: M&S SS16

With winter now well and truly heading our way, I'm managing to rather successfully distract myself from the prospect of living in jumpers for the next few months by getting a little bit ahead of myself and exploring what some of my favourite brands have in store for next season. I mentioned in my last post that I'm a massive fan of all things Marks and Spencer at the moment, and of late I've found myself perusing their womenswear collections every time I pop in to grab a sandwich for lunch (something which isn't doing my bank balance any favours!) For SS16, it looks like they've got even more pretty pieces up their sleeves:
Autograph top, £45, and trousers, £55/Limited Edition coat, £65 and jumpsuit, £49.50
Autograph Coat, £99, dress, £99 and trainers, £45/Autograph Coat, £99, Limited Edition top, £29.50, dress £45 and shoes, £35/Limited Edition jeans, £39.50
Limited Edition dress, £45, Autograph bag, £99 and brooch, £19.50/Per Una dress, £75
So pretty, don't you think?! This collection is well and truly up my street, with a perfect balance of everyday essentials and effortless statement pieces, as ideal for those tricky transitional months as they are for your summer holidays. I love how this selection feels really feminine but is also infused with a minimalist, modern style too, especially with more practical combinations (I'm always a fan of an everyday trainer!) and a really relaxed feel. Needless to say, I'm already drawing up a rather extensive shopping list (with that gorgeous red dress from Per Una firmly at the top!), and once again willing away the winter in favour of spring style!

What do you think of M&S SS16?

(Image credit: Marks and Spencer.)


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