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23.11.2015- Fashion in Motion: Peter Pilotto

The V&A's Fashion in Motion events are always a wonderful way to spend and evening, and, having been lucky with tickets, last Friday Lily and I popped along to their latest catwalk presentation- this time celebrating the archive of Peter Pilotto. I've been to a few Fashion in Motion shows before, and it's always so interesting to see how differently each one is curated and experience the evolution of a distinct aesthetic firsthand. The Peter Pilotto retrospective was fresh, contemporary and innovative- and it was wonderful to see so many gorgeous pieces come to life against such a stunning backdrop:

Founded in 2007, the label fuses innovative digital print, bold colour and experimental textures with practicality- making it a firm fashion favourite all over the world. Looking back through their archive, it's wonderful to see how much their work has evolved, as well as identify signature touches which punctuate a spectrum of styles season after season.  Throughout the presentation on Friday, I was also struck by just how playful so many of the pieces felt- whether it be through experimentation with different fabrics, shapes or embellishments, these are designs which go far beyond initial surface appeal, and which balance making a statement with functionality absolutely exquisitely.
Are you a fan of Peter Pilotto?
(Image and video credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. I am a fan of the experimental textures and prints he creates! so beautiful!

  2. Your photos are amazing! This was such a fun evening - I loved all the colour and the face-paint style make-up the models wore. x


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