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09.12.2015- What I Wore Today #242

Although I'm a massive fan of florals, if I'm being completely honest, some of my favourite pieces don't lend themselves overly well to a winter wardrobe. Largely this is all down to practicality, particularly as the prints which I'm partial to during the summer months are very much warm weather wonders and not overly appropriate for the cold unless they're layered under a knit (or three!) which rather defeats the point a little bit. So, with that in mind I've been keeping my eyes peeled for some new prints to work into my winter wardrobe- and have been rather successful in my scouting too:

Dress- Topshop Unique
Shoes- c/o Next
Coat- c/o Very
Bag- New Look 
Sunglasses- Vintage

I'd had my eye on this Unique dress for a fair few weeks, so when I spotted that Topshop had a cheeky 20% off a little while ago I took the plunge and popped it into my basket. Not only do I love the statement print, but the shift style is perfect for tapping into a retro inspired aesthetic- and the long sleeves make it even more of a winter wonder too! It's funny how exploring a different selection of shades can really breathe new life into some old favourites as well- I'd never paired this classic coat from Very (a fair few years old now!) with a piece as light as this and I'm so happy to have stumbled upon a new staple combination! Keeping things co-ordinated, I picked out another treasure in the shape of these much loved, much blogged about (!) vintage sunglasses, and something newer in these Next shoes- definitely a case of a wardrobe remix which I'm already thinking about recycling!

Have you picked up any printed pieces for winter?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


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