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28.12.2015- Beauty Buys: Nars Matte/Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

One of the things which I love about this time of the year is the bounty of beauty offerings which hit the shops, and over the last few weeks I've amassed a rather snazzy little stash of goodies which I don't doubt I'll be sharing on these pages over the coming weeks. In the run up to Christmas, even just popping out to the shops to pick up essentials of a lunchtime was something of a perilous pursuit, as my eye would invariably be caught by a bargain here or a seasonal steal there- all of which has dented my bank balance just a little bit! Whilst trying to exercise a little bit of restraint, I had rather proudly walked away from this particular beauty buy after spotting it in Space NK, only to find later on that evening that my lovely blogging buddies (namely Sophie, Lily, Hannah and Elodie) had snapped it up for me as a birthday treat- great minds think alike after all!

Regular readers will no doubt be well aware that I'm a real Nars fan, and their seasonal palettes are always at the top of my beauty wishlist. This Matte/Shimmer Eyeshadow selection combines a range of staple shades such as Nassau and Ithaca with statement accent colours- most notably the gold flecked Night Clubbing and deep navy Dogon. So far, I've really enjoyed experimenting with various combinations, and the neutral spectrum of hues makes this the perfect addition to my collection of everyday favourites. As always, the formulation makes them really long wearing, and the muted, subtle tones means that they're really easy to blend together for buildable look too. The accompanying eyeliner also makes this is a great option for statement eyes- definitely one to seek out if you're hitting the shops between now and New Year's Eve!

Have you picked up any new beauty buys?

(Image credit: Sarah Farrell, please do not reproduce without permission.)


  1. Yay, this palette is so beautiful - I'd almost be too scared to use it (almost!) x


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