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31.12.2015- What 2015 Taught Me

So, well yes here we are on the last day of the year and I've caved in and gone and written a post reflecting on 2015. It seemed fitting to cap the last twelve months off with something a little bit more personal than the usual, so I've racked my brains (something of a struggle when the post-Christmas slump means I'm finding it hard to tell which day is which..!) and come up with a little list of what I'll be taking away from 2015- as well as a few life lessons I've picked up along the way too..

-Being a grown up isn't actually all that bad

Last year, I found myself in a right old flap about the prospect of turning 25. Quarter-life crisis, #thestruggleisreal, all of that stuff. I was worried about what I had (or hadn't) achieved and felt like life was just one big old tangle which I couldn't seem to make sense of. Fast forward twelve months, and I'm not sure I've quite figured things out just yet, but I've found that a lot of the time the only obstacle to overcoming things is myself. I'm usually my own worst enemy- but slowly but surely that anxious voice at the back of my head is getting quieter and quieter. And, when it does ripple into a bit more of a shout- this magic little speech shuts it right up again.

- Invest in people who invest in you

This one's part of growing up really- and a pretty tough old lesson to fathom. It's funny how things pan out sometimes- the people who you'd expected to be part of your life forever just aren't there anymore, whether through choice or through change. I've never been more grateful for the gorgeous friends I have in my life than I have been this year- whether they be in different parts of the country or on different continents altogether.  Those people who you know have got your back no matter what and without condition, who can laugh with you until your sides are sore and lend listening ears when you need them the most- those are the kind of #squadgoals we're after am I right?!

- Do more of what makes you happy

This year, Ive made a point of making space in my schedule to do more of the things I enjoy- whether that be mixing up a baking mess storm in the kitchen, getting into a regular blogging routine, devoting some time to finally reading that book which had been sitting on the shelf for months (guilty as charged!), or using my free time to explore more. I'm already drawing up a list of places to visit in 2016- and am busy researching ahead of my trip to Northern Ireland with some of the best blogging buddies a gal could wish for in the spring (insert shamrock emoji here..!)

-The Internet is dark and full of terrors

Okay, so maybe it doesn't have the same fear factor as the White Walkers...but this year more than ever the Internet seems to have morphed into something of an untameable beast. Back in April you might remember that I posted about FOMO, YOLO, JOMO etc, and I know from the lovely comments on that post that I'm not alone in thinking that social media can sometimes be the precise opposite. So, with that (and a burning need to express an opinion in more than 140 characters...) in mind, I'm thinking of compiling a regular series of longer form posts around subjects which are a little bit thinkier than the usual. I can't promise they'll be all that frequent, but I've got a working title in mind and am busy drawing up a list of things to talk watch this space!

- Give yourself a break

This is a little bit of an extension of point number one, but this year I've definitely discovered the benefits of taking a little bit of time out when I've needed to. Whether that be spending a duvet day with Netflix at the weekend (surely one of the greatest indulgences in life, don't you think?!), or putting a few things on the back burner to look after myself a little bit more, having time to relax really does make the world of difference.

On a final little note- thank you to each and every one of you who still visits these pages and reads my ramblings- here's to another year!

What are the lessons you'll be taking away from 2015?

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  1. Love this! Definitely agree with them all - I often feel guilty for not being constantly busy but need to definitely take the pressure off myself in 2016. xx

  2. Yes to all of the above!! 'Do more of what makes you happy' for sure - this is going to be the year of only positive vibes!


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